Christmas Countdown: Decorate Week

Christmas Countdown: Decorate Week

November 22, 2020

November 22-28, 2020

Organized Home Christmas Countdown

American Thanksgiving arrives this week ... and we've reached Decorate Week at the Christmas Countdown. 

Time to turn our attention to decorating for the fast-approaching holiday season.

This week, we'll discover secrets of frugal holiday decorating, take a quick decorations inventory, enjoy giving thanks with family and friends on Thanksgiving Day, and begin decorating for Christmas. 

It's a busy week (and the holidays are here!) so let's decorate ... for a stress-free Christmas season!

To Do This Week

  • Divide the Christmas card list into five groups. Write and address the fourth group this week.
  • Complete one-fourth of gifts to make this week.
  • Plan holiday decorating with a room-by-room holiday decor planner. Will you know what goes where ... next year? 
  • Inspect and inventory decorations. Record results on a holiday decor inventory. Check light strands for cracked or broken bulbs. Add needed replacements to the master shopping list.
  • Does your family give children new ornaments each year? Preserve the memories along with the gift. Print an ornament journal to keep the gift alive! 
  • Prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, baking desserts and salads ahead.
  • Give thanks on Thanksgiving Day!
  • Check in with family members at Thanksgiving celebrations. Ask for gift suggestions, and arrange to share or contribute to holiday meals.
  • Shop Black Friday sales. Use the"Black Friday" holiday sales planner to organize shopping trips.
  • Begin interior and exterior decorating.

To Buy This Week

  • Continue Christmas gift shopping. Divide the master gift list into five sections. Purchase gifts for one-fifth of the list entries. Wrap gifts as they are purchased. Keep a running total of gift expenditures.
  • Purchase new holiday decor items