Christmas Countdown: Print Calendar and Checklists

Christmas Countdown: Print Calendar and Checklists

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Time for the Christmas Countdown!  We're working week-by-week to an organized Christmas with these free printable calendars, checklists and planning pages.

Will you follow the Christmas Countdown this year? Beginning Sunday, October 24, we'll prepare for the holiday season with daily messages, weekly assignments, encouragement and fun. This six-week get-organized program will take you to the start of the holiday season, prepared and ready for Christmas.

Your road map begins with the Countdown calendar. Setting out each week's focus, it'll keep you motivated and on track to an organized Christmas as we work the Countdown together.

Each week's assignments can be tracked on the weekly checklists. Ready? Print, plan ... and get organized for Christmas!

Print Countdown Calendar and Checklists


Countdown Checklist Week 1

Get organized for Christmas with Get Organized Week assignments for the Christmas Countdown.  Check off your progress to an organized Christmas.


Countdown Checklist Week 2

Get a grip on your wallet--and on the darker side of the holidays--with this checklist for Reality Check Week in the Christmas Countdown.


Countdown Checklist Week 3

Gifts and Giving Week brings organization to holiday giving.  Checklist for the Christmas Countdown.


Countdown Checklist Week 4

Kitchen treats are central to the holiday season, so get organized for holiday cooking with the Get Cooking Week checklist for the Christmas Countdown.


Countdown Checklist Week 5

Decorate Week brings holiday decorations, planning and storage to our organized home.  Deck the halls with ease, with this checklist for the Christmas Countdown.


Countdown Checklist Week 6

Get ready to celebrate--and conquer all those last-minute Christmas chores--with this Decorate Week checklist for the Christmas Countdown.


Christmas Countdown Calendar 2021

Six weeks to an organized Christmas, with the Christmas Countdown.  Get ready for the holiday season, week-by-week with the Countdown calendar,

Print Monthly Calendars

2024 Calendars

Printable monthly calendars to track daily life in your organized home.

Print Christmas Planning Pages


Holiday Budget

Keep tabs on Christmas spending with a printable Holiday Budget planner page.  


Holiday Values Worksheet

Best way to an organized Christmas?  Focus on your values before the season.  This worksheet makes it easy!


Christmas Card List 2021

Planning the holiday season with the help of a Christmas planner?  Add this printable for 2021 Christmas Card list.


Master Gift List

The list of lists: a printable Master Gift List for Christmas giving.  Free printable for an organized Christmas.


Gift Closet Inventory

Santa's best elves know the secret to organized gift-giving:  a gift closet.  Track your store of gift items here.


Gift Ideas Planner

Get the info you need for great gift-giving, with this printable Gift Ideas Planner.  Tracks sizes, colors, interests and ideas.


Gifts-to-Make Planner

Crafting handmade gifts this year?  Keep tabs on unfinished items with a Gifts-to-Make Planner.


Internet/Catalog Order Tracker

Ordering online can get hectic, with emails flying.  Keep tabs on catalog or Internet orders this holiday season, with a printable Internet Order Tracker.


Stocking Stuffers

Buying stocking stuffers around the year can save money ... if you can find them.  Solution: a stocking stuffers tracker.


Holiday Sales Planner

Shopping Black Friday or Cyber Monday holiday sales?  Stay organized with this printable holiday sales planner.


Holiday Shopping List

A pretty shopping list lightens the mood ... so try this printable Christmas holiday shopping list with graphic.


Tabletop Checklist

Set a pretty table--without stress--with the help of this Holiday Tabletop Checklist.  Get ready for holiday hospitality.


Wrap and Mail Checklist

Wrapping, mailing and shipping holiday gifts is easier with the right tools.  Check supplies with this Wrap and Mail Checklist.


Holiday Chore Checklist

Keep the household running smoothly with a Holiday Chore Checklist.  Celebrate from a clean and organized home.


Holiday Home Spruce-Up Worksheet

Plan holiday home improvements--and hone them to the achievable few--with a Home Spruce-Up Worksheet.


Holiday Menu Planner

Holiday meals are the centerpiece of family celebrations.  Plan holiday menus and meals with this printable.


Holiday Wardrobe Planner

Christmas is coming! Get the family ready to step out and shine, with this printable Holiday Wardrobe Planner.  


Holiday Pantry Inventory

Holiday treats mean new focus on the pantry.  Record holiday ingredients and plan menus with this pantry inventory.


Holiday Recipes

Holiday mornings are hectic enough, without playing "hunt the recipe!"  Record the location of favorite holiday recipes here, for easy access.


Holiday Freezer Inventory

What's hiding in your holiday freezer?  Keep a record of baked goods, holiday meals and make-ahead side dishes.


Holiday Recipes to Try

Where's the recipe?  Christmas morning is no time to scour cookbooks for favorite holiday recipes. Record them here.


Holiday Potluck Planner

Organize potluck events for family, church or school with a printable holiday potluck planner.


Decor Inventory

When it's time to decorate, shop from home, first!  Record holiday decorations on this decor inventory.


Holiday Decor Planner

Decorating for Christmas?  Know what goes where, with this room-by-room holiday decor planner.


Holiday Decor Storage

Hauling out the holiday decorations?  Keep track of what's in which box ... with a holiday decor storage tracker.


Holiday Collections

Christmas collectables are prized in many families.  Manage collections with this printable planner page.


Holiday Favorites

Record the family's favorite Christmas books, holiday music and videos with this printable planner page.


Ornament Journal

Holiday ornaments are often special gifts with deep meaning and history.  Keep track of ornaments with this printable journal.


Holiday Traditions

What special traditions does your family observe during the holiday season?  Record them for reference each year.


Child's Gift List

Christmas is coming! Help the little ones--and Grandma, too--with this Child's Gift List.  


Holiday Memories

Don't let the season end without a record of the high points.  This Holiday Memories page notes the best of the season.  Save the memories!


Holiday Debriefing

At the end of the season, try this simple exercise.  Next year, you'll remember what worked ... and where improvement is needed.


New Year's Resolutions

Be it resolved:  this is the year you'll keep New Years' Resolutions.  Promote accountability and improve the chance of success with a printable New Year's Resolutions tracker.

Print Computer-Fillable Christmas Planning Pages


Holiday Budget (Fillable)

Print a Christmas holiday budget planner, to control spending on the holiday season.  Celebrate debt-free!


Holiday Values Worksheet (Fillable)

Secret for a calm and joyous holidays?  Focus on your family's values before the season with this worksheet.


Master Gift List (Fillable)

Bring calm to the holiday season with a master gift list.  Computer-fillable for easy updates!


Gift Closet Inventory (Fillable)

What's in the gift closet?  Keep tabs on your stock of stored gifts with this fillable inventory form.


Gift Ideas Planner (Fillable)

Conquer the gift list with a gift ideas planner.  Computer-fillable, it's a record of sizes, preferences and ideas.


Gifts-to-Make Planner (Fillable)

Crafting holiday gifts this year?  Track progress--and avoid UFOs--with this gifts-to-make planner.


Internet/Catalog Orders (Fillable)

Boxes are flying! Use this computer-fillable tracker to keep tabs on online and catalog orders.


Holiday Sales Planner (Fillable)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping goes more smoothly with this Black Friday sales planner.


Stocking Stuffers (Fillable)

Keep tabs on stocking stuffers around the year with this printable.  Be ready for Christmas Eve!


Home Spruce-Up Checklist (Fillable)


Shopping List (Fillable)

Make every errand count!  Use this computer-fillable shopping list to track holiday season spending.


Holiday Baking Planner (Fillable)

Plan holiday baking with a computer-fillable baking planner.


Wrap and Mail Checklist (Fillable)

Ready to wrap and mail holiday gifts?  This computer-fillable wrap and mail checklist makes it easy.


Holiday Chore Checklist (Fillable)

Stay on top of cleaning chores, with a little help from family members ... and this fillable holiday chore checklist.


Holiday Freezer Inventory (Fillable)

What's in the holiday freezer?  This computer-fillable freezer inventory reminds you of frozen treats and meals.


Holiday Menu Planner (Fillable)

Plan special holiday meals with this computer-fillable holiday menu planner.  Celebrate the season!


Holiday Pantry Inventory (Fillable)

During the holidays, the pantry powers the kitchen.  Keep tabs on holiday goodies and pantry staples.


Holiday Wardrobe Planner (Fillable)

Track family wardrobes for the holiday season on this computer-fillable printable wardrobe planner.


Favorite Holiday Recipes (Fillable)

A quick record of favorite holiday recipes means nobody plays "hunt the cookbook" on Christmas morning.


Holiday Potluck Planner (Fillable)

Church suppers, family dinners and school events need a dish?  Plan potluck menus here.


Holiday Recipes to Try (Fillable)

Around the year, note "want to try" holiday recipes on this simple computer-fillable recipe inventory.


Holiday Decor Inventory (Fillable)

What's in those boxes?  Inventory holiday decorations on this computer-fillable planner page.


Decor Planner (Fillable)

Plan holiday decorating room-by-room.  Record ideas and inspiration on this holiday decor planner.


Holiday Decor Storage (Fillable)

Find holiday decorations fast, with this computer-fillable decor storage inventory.  What's in the box?


Holiday Favorites (Fillable)

Favorite books, music and videos are easy to locate each holiday season, listed on this fillable planner page.


Ornament Journal (Fillable)

Sharing ornament stories each year adds meaning to family decorating parties.  Journal ornaments here!


Holiday Collections (Fillable)

Does your family collect special holiday items?  Record them here, on this computer-fillable inventory.


Holiday Traditions (Fillable)

Remember favorite traditions from year to year:  note them on this fillable "holiday traditions" planner page.


Holiday Debriefing (Fillable)

At season's end, answer these simple debriefing questions.  They'll guide your planning, next year.


Party Budget (Fillable)


Party Budget (Fillable)

Computer-fillable party planner makes planning a party easy ... and pretty.


Party Guest List (Fillable)

Track party RSVPs and invitations here, with a fillable party guest list.