Ready for Christmas? Get Organized!

You're dreaming of the perfect Christmas ... but there's always a gulf between you and your dream. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough energy to manage all the holiday chores and to celebrate, too.

There's hope! Try these holiday articles from Cynthia Ewer, author and editor of Web site Organized Home. You'll get organized, save money, and focus the celebration around your own values.

Planning for an organized Christmas

Christmas Planning

Christmas planning tips smooth the way to a calm, joyous holiday season.  Try these ideas to make it an organized holiday season.

Realistic Christmas planning

Reality Check

Holiday planning needs to be grounded in cold hard reality.  Try these ideas to keep Christmas plans on time and on budget.

Holiday gifts and giving

Gifts and Giving

Getting ready for the holiday season?  Try these ideas to keep gifts and giving sustainable and affordable.

Get cooking for fall holiday meals

Get Cooking

Holiday meals and Christmas treats are central to the celebration.  Get organized in the holiday kitchen.

Decorate for the holidays


Bring the holiday spirit to your organized home with decor inspirations and get-organized tips.

Celebrate an organized Christmas


Bring joy to the holiday season with these ideas to celebrate the season.  Bring the meaning home.