Challenge Day 52: Defeat Dust Mites

fight dust mites in the bedroom

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 52

They swarm in our homes, making life miserable for the allergic: dust mites! Living in bedding, carpet and floating in house dust, dust mites and their droppings are unwelcome companions in any home.

Our bedrooms are prime hangouts for these microscopic pests. How to keep them in check?

Try these tips to show dust mites the door in your organized home, with today's New Year Cleaning Challenge assignment.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 51: Bedroom Identity Crisis

bedroom activity centers

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 52

Is your bedroom suffering from an identity crisis?

Designed to be a place for rest, renewal, and private communications, the master bedroom can lose its way when burdened with too many outside activities.

Whether it's exercise equipment, out-of-place storage, paper piles or video game clutter, today's the day to bring the bedroom back to its intended purpose. Clear it out today, in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!   Read More >>

Challenge Day 48: A Clean Shower, Fast and Cheap

Refill automatic shower cleaner

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 48

It's where the soap meets the grime, every day: your shower. How to keep the shower stall fresh and clean without scrubbing?

Daily shower cleaning products can make quick work of soap scum, soil and hard water deposits ... if you remember to use them.

Automatic shower cleaners are wickedly convenient--and wickedly expensive! Is there a way to keep a clean shower, fast and cheap?   Read More >>

Challenge Day 47: Five-Minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine

clean the bathroom in five minutes

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 47

What's the secret to an always-clean bathroom? A daily cleaning routine!

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, consider how to keep your bathrooms clean on a daily basis.

The easiest solution is to craft a simple, 5-minute bathroom cleaning routine to keep grime at bay.

Create your own personalized routine--or use our example--to keep bathrooms fresh!   Read More >>

Challenge Day 46: Manage the Medicine Chest

organize the medicine cabinet

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 46

When family members fall ill, they call for "Dr. Mom" ... so today, we're headed to the medicine chest.

We'll consider the proper location for the family's store of nutritional supplements, prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

After decluttering the medicine chest, we'll decide how to dispose of expired medications safely.

Ready? We're making for the medicine chest in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!   Read More >>

Challenge Day 45: Take Stock of Towels

check bathroom towels

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 45

Towels. They're daily companions at shower, tub and sink. Who doesn't love their thirsty softness after a hot bath?

Over time, however, towels become tattered, scattered and faded. What's the state of the towels in your organized home?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll make a check of the household's stock of towels. Is it time for a fresh new set?   Read More >>

Cleaning Challenge Day 44: Declutter the Master Bathroom

declutter master bathroom

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 44

As a center for personal care, the master bathroom attracts a special kind of clutter. What's living in your cabinets, shelves and drawers?

A good bathroom declutter session will promote products in daily use and give them a front-and-center home, while dispatching those "As Seen on TV" marvels.

Follow one master bathroom declutter, and learn the secrets of allocating scarce real estate in the bathroom today, in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 41: Coping with Children's Toys

organize toys

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 41

They're colorful, cute ... and scattered everywhere! Are children's toys taking over shared space in your family room?

With tiny pieces and a tendency to stray, children's playthings can create instant clutter in multi-use spaces. How to calm the chaos caused by children's toys?   Read More >>

Challenge Day 40: Bring Order to Bookshelves

organize books and bookshelf

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 40

In the family room, the bookcase must do multiple duty,

Whether it houses books, decor items or digital media, it's easy to overload family room bookshelves.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, it's time to bring order to the bookshelves. Cut the clutter for a clean and organized home!   Read More >>

Challenge Day 39: Manage Magazine Clutter

organize magazines

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 39

Surveying the family room, do you find mounds of magazines ... everywhere?

Periodicals like magazines and newsletters are great fun to browse, but have a marked propensity to descend into clutter, and that right quickly.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, try these tips to get a grip on magazine clutter in your organized home.   Read More >>