Challenge Day 39: Manage Magazine Clutter

organize magazines

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 39

Surveying the family room, do you find mounds of magazines ... everywhere?

Periodicals like magazines and newsletters are great fun to browse, but have a marked propensity to descend into clutter, and that right quickly.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, try these tips to get a grip on magazine clutter in your organized home.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 38: Turf Old Entertainment Technology

declutter home entertainment

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 38

In recent decades, entertainment technology has changed at a rapid pace.

Does your family room contain successive layers of old technology? In an age of streaming media, it's time to release the jumble of outdated entertainment formats.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll consider ideas to turf the "old tech" clutter from family room shelves.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 37: Clever Containment Ideas

clutter container

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 37

Hardworking multi-purpose areas like the family room benefit from a core principle of clutter control: containment.

Heading clutter into containers makes sense in a shared space like the family room. Using open containers to group and store stray objects keeps order in a busy space.

Consider ideas for clutter containment today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 34: Tabletop Check

holiday tabletop check

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 34

Spring is on the horizon!

Will you be ready to set a pretty table for holiday meals, parties or family celebrations?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, it's time to make a tabletop check. Be ready to celebrate in your organized dining room!   Read More >>

Challenge Day 33: Declutter Table Linens

Check table linens

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 33

Colorful table linens bring a special spark to the dining room ... if you can find them!

What's the state of the table linens stored in your home? Are your favorites hidden beneath a crowd of crumpled interlopers?

Today, it's time to declutter napkins, placements and tablecloths. Keep the best, toss the rest for an organized home!   Read More >>

Challenge Day 32: Clearing Crafts Clutter

Clearing crafts clutter

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 32

The dining table? It's a wide-open space that invites lots of uses--and for many families, it's a favorite spot to work on crafts projects.

Sewing or quilting, papercrafts or kids' projects, the table houses them all, along with the snips and scraps they leave behind.

How to keep order on the crafts front? Try these ideas to tame crafts clutter in the dining area today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 31: Tame Floating Paper with an Action File

Paper Piles

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 31

Is your dining room table a magnet for stray papers?

With piles ranging from incoming mail to children's homework, the dining table can quickly become buried.

How to tame them? Try an action file!

A sort-and-drop solution to paper clutter, an action file makes it easy to store and organize stray papers.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 26: Clean Out the Freezer

Clean out the freezer

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 26

It's dark, it's cold, it's full of food: your freezer. Whether your household features only a refrigerator-top unit, or boasts a free-standing freezer, today's the day to tackle freezer areas.

Today, we'll declutter, clean and organize freezer areas. Keeping tabs on frozen assets speeds meal preparation ad cuts food waste.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 24: Clear Kitchen Countertops

clear kitchen counters

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 24

The old real estate maxim works for kitchens, too: "location, location, location!" What's taken up residence on your kitchen counters?

In the kitchen, countertop space represents the room's most prestigious--and hardest-working--real estate address. Is your cooking space clean and lean--or crammed and cluttered?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll clear kitchen countertops, applying a simple A-B-C method to make zoning decisions for appliances, decor and storage.   Read More >>

Cut Clutter in the Kitchen

cut clutter in the kitchen

Open the kitchen cabinets ... and you can tell it's time for a kitchen declutter!

Pudding mixes perch on top of the cereal, showering down onto the head of a sleepy, squawking teen each morning. To reach the oatmeal pan, you must shove aside a stack of pizza coupons, the bread machine pan and a glass jar of pickles.The top of the refrigerator is a greasy, dusty jumble of unfinished crafts projects, the dog's leash, empty prescription bottles, broken toys and fast-food drink cups.

Time to declutter the kitchen! Here are our best tips for streamlining and sorting kitchen clutter.   Read More >>