Household Notebook: Free Printables for an Organized Home

Household Notebook: Free Printables for an Organized Home

Printable pages for home management

Bring new order and calm to your home with these printable planning pages, calendars and forms. Add them to your household notebook or bullet planner ... to get organized at home!

So you think businesspeople are the only folks who need a personal planner?  Think again: families need an organizer, too, to keep life moving smoothly on the home front!

A planner for the entire household allows anyone--child, visitor, babysitter--easy access to the information they need. It's a one-stop information center for busy families.

How will you use it? Whether it's a carpool schedule or a co-worker's phone number, the household notebook holds the information you need to check each day. Addresses. Phone numbers. Rosters for sports teams, prayer groups or civic organizations. 

Ready for an evening out? Flip the Notebook open to the "Emergency Information" page, and the babysitter will always know where to find you.

Time for dinner? Menu planners, recipe organizers and shopping list make it easy to feed the family night after night. 

Clean house fast with cleaning schedules, chore lists and seasonal checklists for home maintenance. Keeping tabs on children's activities, sports team phone numbers or emergency information is as easy as flipping a divider.

Printables for Household Planning

2024 Monthly Calendars

2024 Calendars

Printable monthly calendars to track daily life in your organized home.

Household Planners

Daily Do-It Checklist

Daily routines are an organized home's best friend.  Get the important things done with a checklist for morning and evening housecleaning routines.

Daily Planner

Plan your work and work your plan with this free printable daily planner page. Track each day's appointments, to-do lists, dinner plans and errands. Seeing each day's activities at a glance speeds the path to an organized home.

Emergency Information

If trouble strikes, will your family know what to do? Keep family members (and visitors!) in the loop with this free printable Emergency Information page.

First Aid Kit Checklist

Be ready for life's little emergencies with a printable First Aid Kit checklist.  Be prepared!

Menu Planner - Weekly

Meal planning saves time and money.  What's for dinner this week?

Pre-Travel Checklist

Use this "before we leave" checklist to remind yourself of all those pre-travel chores before you step out the door. 

Blood Pressure Tracker

Working to lower blood pressure or manage hypertension?  A simple one-page tracker keeps daily measurements at your fingertips.

Important Phone Numbers

Will the babysitter know how to reach the pediatrician in an emergency?  Post this list near the phone for quick reference.

Menu Planner - Weekly

Make it easy to feed the family each week, with a printable weekly menu planner.

Travel Packing Checklist

Planning vacation or business travel? Never forget essential items again! Keep a filled-out copy of this travel packing checklist inside the suitcases, and speed the job of getting read to go on the road.

Weekly Chore Checklist

List chores to be done each week on this printable checklist, then slip the completed form inside a page protector. Use dry-erase markers to check off completed chores. At week's end, wipe off the markers to reuse the checklist.

Weekly Planner (One Page)

Week at a glance?  Try this one-page printable weekly planner. Use it to record appointments, chores, outings and events in your organized home each week. 

Birthday/Anniversary Tracker

Never forget another special occasion with this easy birthday/anniversary tracker.  Keep special people close throughout the year!

Diet Tracker

Watching your weight?  A simple one-page diet tracker records food intake.  Get healthy, get organized!

Menu Planner - Monthly

What's for dinner?  Track meals for the month in your organized home.

Phone Directory

Save time when dialing out, with a family phone directory for your household notebook.  Keep frequently-called numbers at hand to save time..

Picnic Checklist

Organize summer camping trips with a printable camping checklist. You'll be sure to include everything you need for a safe and comfortable camp-out.

Weekly Menu Planner

Menu plans can make the difference in busy times!   Plan organized meals and menus with this printable menu planner.

Weekly Planner 1

What's happening on the home front this week? You'll always be in the know with this printable weekly planner page. Use it to record appointments, chores, outings and events in your organized home each week.

Camping Checklist

Organize summer camping trips with a printable camping checklist. You'll be sure to include everything you need for a safe and comfortable camp-out.

Diet Tracker (Low Sodium)

A diet tracker printable with emphasis on sodium content, this Diet Tracker (Low Sodium) is a simple, one-page solution.  Get healthy!

Family Yellow Pages

Time to order pizza, or make an appointment at the vet's office? Find it fast with your own personal family Yellow Pages printable.  

Restaurant Directory

What's for dinner? List family favorite take-out restaurants here to make quick work of ordering in.

Seasonal Chores: Fall/Winter

Whether it's draining the hot water heater or mounting storm windows, a seasonal chore checklist keeps life running smoothly. Use this form to track household tasks that must be done during the fall and winter months.

Weekly Planner 2

Print companion page Weekly Planner 1 to complete this two-page weekly planner form. Track appointments, tasks, notes and a shopping list; two pages a week provides lots of room for notes and information.

Address List

Keep in touch with family and friends with this printable address list. Put in writing, a contacts lists saves time when sharing information in your household.

Birthday Party Planner

Organizing children's birthday parties can be chaotic, so get a grip with this printable birthday party planner.  

Shopping List

Keeping the household stocked is easier with a running shopping list.  Post it near the door for organized shopping trips.

To-Do List: Daily

Corral all those to-do, must-do, should-do items with a Daily To-Do List for your command center, household notebook or family binder. Move a few items from the Master To-Do List to this list each day.

Birthday Guest List

Children's birthday parties are lots of fun--and can be lots of work.  Smooth your path with a printable birthday party guest list. Track attendees and RSVPs for a well-run party.

Freezer Inventory

What's in the freezer?  Record frozen assets here.  Cross off each item as it's used, so you know what's left in your freezer stockpile.

Price Book

It's the frugal tool of choice:  a price book. Use this printable to create a custom guide to supermarket prices.

To-Do List: Master

This free printable Master To-Do List will help you organize your tasks and your time. As they occur to you, use this list to record all the "gotta-do" entries that pop into your mind. Each day, move a few entries to a Daily To-Do List.

Pantry Inventory

What's hiding in your pantry?  Keep tabs on food storage with a printable pantry inventory form.

Yard Sale Checklist

Clear clutter with a garage sale?  Get organized with a printable checklist for successful yard sales.

Larder Inventory

A custom touch for our UK friends:  a printable larder inventory form.

Yard Sale Sign - Ahead Arrow

Holding a garage sale to clear clutter?  Point shoppers to your sale with this printable Yard Sale sign.

Recipes to Try

What's new on the menu?  Keep a running list of new recipes with this printable.

Favorite Recipes

Cookbooks to card files to computer folders .... where's the recipe?  Keep track of family favorites with this printable Favorite Recipes planner page.

Yard Sale Sign - Right Arrow

Drive traffic to garage sales with a printable Yard Sale sign.  This one points to the right.

Yard Sale Sign - Left Arrow

Guide passing cars to your garage sale with this printable Yard Sale sign.  Points traffic to the left.

Seasonal Chores: Spring/Summer

Track chores for Spring and Summer on this seasonal chore checklist.  Pair it with the companion Fall and Winter Checklist for seasonal or annual reminders.

Blank Pages

Blank Page - Carnation

Keep a journal, make a list, or record dreams and goals with this printable page with cheery pink colors.

Blank Page - Carnation (Fillable)

Pretty and pink, this computer-fillable lined planner page brings a custom spark to your organized home.

Blank Page - Crocus

A cheery color scheme makes this printable lined planning page a great addition to the household notebook.

Blank Page - Crocus (Fillable)

A pretty crocus lined page with a bonus:  it's computer-fillable.  Customize to your heart's content!

Blank Page - Lilac

A soft, serene lined printable page for your household notebook or Christmas planner.  Make it yours!

Blank Page - Reef (Fillable)

Bright little printable planning page can be filled out on the computer, for a neat look.  Get organized!

Blank Page - Peach

Pretty peach tones make this printable planning page easy on the eyes.  Create custom lists, notes or trackers.

Blank Page - Moss

Give lists, ideas and journaling a place to live, with this lined blank page in deep green tones.

Blank Page - Reef

Colorful and bright, this printable lined page can be used for journaling, chore lists or daily planning.

Blank Page - Sky

Bright and blue, this blank printable planner page tracks collections, ideas or chores.  All yours!

Blank Page - Teal

Take aim on goals and planning with a printable lined planner page.  Teal tones spark great ideas.

Blank Page - Moss (Fillable)

Serene and green, this lined blank planner page is computer-fillable.  Get organized!