One SHE's Story: 24 Years Of SHE Inspiration

We love, love, LOVE this blogger's account of her 24-year progress through the SHE system, from cardfile to Flykid. Not only is it a wonderful account of one SHE's journey to better home organization, it also tracks nearly 20 years of SHEs on the Web!

If you're a SHE, this writer's story will inspire you (and tell her CEO loves her, too!):   Read More >>


50's Housewife's Cardfile System

Ready to see a real-world working SHE cardfile system? Check out this cardfile tour from blogger 50s Housewife. With five children, she's developed a hands-on home management system that works.

Offering a good overview of the cardfiles system, this cardfile tour is illustrated with photos of one SHE's creative cardfile:   Read More >>


Ten Surprising Facts Supermarkets Won't Tell You

For most families, food budgets are relatively elastic. Compared to fixed expenses like mortgages or car loans, they're the area where you have the most choice about how much to spend each month.

Think so? Think again! Visit the supermarket, and you'll be subjected to a barrage of proven tactics, all designed to encourage over-spending.

Check out this article from MSN Health and Fitness, listing 10 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn't Want You to Know.

It'll help you wise up to the many ways the market is after your wallet.

Our favorite:

There’s nothing haphazard about the layout of your grocery store. ... Walk in the front doors and chances are you’re faced immediately with hard-to-resist items (not on your list) like fresh-cut flowers or just-baked loaves of bread. Just try walking past them en route to a carton of milk without tossing something extra into your cart. In fact, research has shown that 60 percent to 70 percent of what ends up in our carts is unplanned.

10 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn't Want You to Know


Track Freezer Inventory With Magnets

A freezer can be a powerful kitchen friend for food storage, menu planning and convenience, but to use the freezer to best advantage, you have to know what's inside.

Okay, so our free printable freezer inventory form isn't for everybody.

Check out this clever freezer inventory solution from blogger Lunch In A Box: refrigerator magnets.

Using magnetic freebies, color photos from the weekly food ads and a bit of creative inspiration, she's created a simple, visual reminder system to keep track of freezer contents:

magnets for freezer inventory

Magnets To Track Freezer Inventory


Ten First Steps Toward A Lighter Lifestyle

Celebrate Earth Day--and lighten your footstep on our planet--with these ten first steps toward more-sustainable living, from

We liked the idea of slaying energy vampires: those small, silent electric devices that feed on a trickle of power even when not in use. Unplug them, or invest in a power strip with an on-off button to make it easy to stop the power from flowing when it's not needed:   Read More >>