Sew Organized: Designing Sewing And Craft Areas

Do you sew, quilt, stamp or craft? You know the problem! Seldom do so many create so much in such little space--and the stuff! 

Without proper design and organization, sewing and crafts areas quickly become clogged and unusable.

Save time, energy and frustration by designing an efficient sewing or crafts area for your special hobby. 

Whether it's a corner, a closet, or the luxury of a whole room, use these concepts to organize your favorite sewing spot:   Read More >>

It's a Puzzler: Sew A Jigsaw Puzzle Mat

Every parent knows the story: jigsaw puzzles are fun to work, but tough to work around. What's the solution to tying up table tops or floor space with a puzzle work in progress?

Its a Puzzler! This one-seam easy-sew puzzle allows puzzles to be worked at will, then rolled up and stowed away between play sessions. It's crafted from a short length of craft felt and a recycled gift wrap roller.

Make them in multiples for the holidays. The Puzzler puzzle mat is perfect for teacher gifts. Paired with a new puzzle, the Puzzler makes a special family gift.   Read More >>

Tour of Tours: Bren's Home Management Binder

So you really want to go under the hood of a working household notebook? Quilting blogger Bren, of Pieces From Me, hosts a binder tour of all binder tours!

Including scans of working planner pages, Bren's binder tour gives a great overview of the "how" of using a home management binder. She's sharing lots of photographs, so be patient while this page loads; it will be worth the wait!

Bren's Home Management Binder

home management binder


Free Printable: Weekly Schedule from

So you're all thumbs at the "crafty" thing, and wouldn't know a desktop publishing program if it bit you?

Try this free printable weekly schedule from It's designed to give you a taste of their product, but nobody says you can't tuck it into your home management binder for an organized week!

In .pdf format, so you'll need the Adobe Reader to print:   Read More >>