October 2020

Welcome to the Christmas Countdown

Ready to Count Down to Christmas? Welcome Back!

Dear readers and friends, welcome back!  I'm Cynthia Ewer, your host and guide to an organized Christmas.  

This morning marks the 25th year I've published the Organized Home Christmas Countdown, and I'm so happy to see you all again. For the next six weeks, I'll be sending daily messages of inspiration and support as we enter this most perilous and surprising winter.

October 25, 2020
House & Holidays Plan

House & Holidays Plan Week 9: Public Space Week

Halloween is coming ... and November lies ahead! Along with the trick-or-treaters comes a new pace to the season. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, so it's time to turn our attention to the public space in our home: the living room or great room.

In holiday prep, we'll prepare for Halloween celebrations. We'll complete Christmas cards and buy holiday stamps, and start saving mailing boxes so that we can recycle them to send gifts. 

October 25, 2020
About the Organized Home Christmas Countdown

About the Christmas Countdown

What's the Christmas Countdown?

Christmas. The holidays. Chances are, those words send happy images straight to your heart!

Children's faces, breathless with wonder and delight. Shining lights on a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree. 

Delicious scents of fresh cookies and hot cider. A bounty of gifts, wrapped and beribboned. The cheerful hubbub of family members gathered from far-flung homes.

October 24, 2020