Christmas Countdown

Since 1993, the Organized Home Christmas Countdown has helped countless families find their way to an organized Christmas.  Get organized for a great holiday season!

Reality Check for Christmas Planning

Christmas Countdown Day 8: It's Reality Check Week!

November is here, Thanksgiving is on the horizon--and the holidays won't be far behind! It's the quiet week before the rising tide of holiday season to come. Time for a Reality Check!

During Reality Check Week, we take aim at holiday illusions that stand between us and the Christmas of our dreams. What are the ideas, preconceptions, and habits that drain the joy from your family's holidays? 

November 1, 2020
About the Organized Home Christmas Countdown

About the Christmas Countdown

What's the Christmas Countdown?

Christmas. The holidays. Chances are, those words send happy images straight to your heart!

Children's faces, breathless with wonder and delight. Shining lights on a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree. 

Delicious scents of fresh cookies and hot cider. A bounty of gifts, wrapped and beribboned. The cheerful hubbub of family members gathered from far-flung homes.

October 24, 2020