August 2019

Cut Clutter in the Bathroom: Easy as A-B-C!
Cut Bathroom Clutter
Cynthia Ewer August 22, 2019

Busy school-day mornings bring new focus on the master bathroom. Home to grooming rituals and personal care chores--and heir to all sorts of oddments and obsessions--the master bathroom is your launch pad to an organized day. 

What's the state of your private domain? Time to cut the clutter with a session of sorting, tossing and decision-making. A simple A-B-C concept will make short work of organizing the bathroom's limited space.

Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken recipe

In the Ewer household, it's a "can-do" barbeque treat: a whole chicken cooked on a hot seat. Grilled upright. while seated on a half-full can of beer, soda or stock,

Beer Can Chicken is steam-basted from within, grilled smoky golden-brown without. The unusual cooking method, combined with a spicy rub and aroma from smoker chips, creates a tender meat, dripping with tangy juices.

Beer Can Chicken is a late-summer favorite paired with potato salad and a platter of homegrown tomatoes.   Happy grilling!

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