Declutter the Winter Fridge

She's been there, done that and worn the Santa hat: blogger Serious Eats juggles the overstuffed holiday refrigerator with this guide for a winter fridge declutter.

With produce storage suggestions and a bright-line guide to using the crisper, get great tips to make space in the seasonal kitchen:

Unclutter Your Winter Fridge

Once you've cut the clutter, organize the Great White Whale for the New Year ahead:

New Year In The Kitchen: Clean Out The Refrigerator


Save Money: Great Guide to Bulk Buying

Thinking of putting the pantry principle to work in your organized home? Then you know that buying in bulk saves money, time and needless trips to the supermarket.

Between the lower unit cost for bulk-bought food and consumables, and the time-saving aspect of fewer trips to the store, organizing a pantry makes sense--and cents.

If you're considering cutting the food budget by building a working pantry, here's a great "get started" article from (via blogger WiseBread):

Bulk Buying 101

We've got help, too! Check out this guide to beginning, organizing and maintaining a pantry:

Organized Pantry: A Beginner's Guide to Pantry Pride



Each year, our family would wait eagerly for my grandparents' box of Christmas treats. This recipe was my grandfather's contribution.

Chocolate bundles of crunchy rolled oats, crisp coconut and plump pecans, these traditional Christmas favorites are easy to make ... and this candy freezes well if properly packaged.

Fall Cleaning: Season Home Maintenance Tips

Autumn is here! The season of flying leaves signals the coming of winter; time for a fall home maintenance checklist!

This is the time of year to check heating systems, weatherstripping and the condition of walls, windows and roof. A simple inspection now can save a world of cold-weather trouble in the months ahead.

To prepare your home for cold weather, try these fall home maintenance tips from State Farm. They'll see you snug and warm in the season ahead:

Fall Home Maintenance Tips


Cleaning Checklist: Printable Housecleaning Schedule

Keeping a clean house ... and you're wondering. What's the best cleaning schedule to make short work of housecleaning?

Should you clean the whole house in a single day, or schedule cleaning chores each day? What about seasonal cleaning? When should you wash the windows?

Real Simple's got answers, with their Periodic Table of Cleaning. Based on Jeff Campbell's Speed Cleaning principles, and cleverly laid out as a model of the periodic table, this definitive cleaning schedule will answer your questions of when and how often to clean house.

In .pdf format, you'll need Adobe Reader to view and print:

Period Table of Cleaning


Safety First: What You Should NOT Put In Your Household Notebook

Life tips blogger Kristin loves the household notebook concept, but adds a big "But!": information you shouldn't include in your household notebook.

If your notebook fell into the hands of a stranger, what information would it disclose? Get Kristin's guidelines for keeping your family binder a friend, and not a security risk:

What You Should NOT Put Your Home Organizer


Printable Back-to-School Cookbook

Let's hear it for! To celebrate their 10th anniversary on the Web--and to smooth the transition to a new school year--they're sharing a free printable Back to School cookbook.

With recipes for kid-pleasing breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners, the cookbook includes lunch box tips and ideas for freezer cooking.

Just for fun, the cookbook includes puzzles and brain-teasers for kids. The free download is shared in .pdf format, so you'll need a copy of Adobe Reader to view and print.

Get ready for a new school year!

Printable Back-To-School Cookbook