Household Notebook Tours

How to use your household notebook or home managment binder? Get inspired! These household notebook tours, hosted by bloggers on the Web, show how to create and use a household planner in your organized home.

Tour of Tours: Bren's Home Management Binder

So you really want to go under the hood of a working household notebook? Quilting blogger Bren, of Pieces From Me, hosts a binder tour of all binder tours!

Including scans of working planner pages, Bren's binder tour gives a great overview of the "how" of using a home management binder. She's sharing lots of photographs, so be patient while this page loads; it will be worth the wait!

Bren's Home Management Binder

home management binder


Friends and Futures: A Double Household Notebook Tour

When blogger Elizabeth and her friend Kim took on the challenge to create household notebooks, they aimed high.

Deciding to create more than just a simple binder for household information, they envisioned their notebooks as "living books" that would help teach their daughters to keep house.

In these posts, Elizabeth shares her Foss Family Home Companion, while Kim outlines her Family Management Journal. Both notebook tours go further: they explain the thinking behind these two young mothers' decision to create order for their families, now and for the future.

Don't miss Kim's downloadable dividers and forms in Microsoft Word format. Check them out:

Elizabeth's Family Home Companion

Kim's Home Management Journal

Home Management Journal - The Basics

Home Management Journal - Housekeeping

Home Management Journal - Cleaning Forms and Lists