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Family Mailboxes: The Launch Pad Goes Luxe!

Here at Organized Home, we love the concept of the family launch pad: a dedicated space for each family member to hold and organize everything needed to leave the house for work, school or errands.

Blogger The Abundant Life has a new and pretty take on the concept: family mailboxes. Simple wall-mounted containers for each family member are given a decor-worthy twist with personalized photos--and are a great way to keep paperwork and reminders organized and ready for use.

We like the teamwork-friendly aspects; cleaning chore lists and phone messages find a home, while coloring pages and occasional treats make checking the mailbox fun!

Get Organized With Family Mailboxes

family mailboxes


To-Do List to Tag Cloud: Zirr.us!

Online to-do lists come and go, and too often, they're pale versions of standard corporate task management programs. Not Zirr.us--a free Web-based service now in beta!

This intuitive online task tracker shows pending to-dos in checklist or tag cloud view. Left-brainers will love the color-coding and visual impact; right-brainers will like the simplicity and ease of list management:   Read More >>


35 New Uses for Zipper Food Storage Bags

They're handy kitchen helpers, but can do so much more to organize life at home: zipper food storage bags!

Check in with blogger The Optimized Life for a list of 25 unusual uses for food storage bags. We liked this one:

"Turn a Ziploc bag into a pastry bag by snipping off a tiny corner. This allows you to frost a cake without any special tools.

Along the same lines, we'd add using a food storage bag to fill devilled eggs. Spoon the filling into the bag, snip a slightly larger corner, and heap the filling high! When finished, toss the bag for easy clean-up.

25 Uses For Ziploc Bags

RealSimple.com weighs in with ten more unusual uses for zipper food storage bags:

10 New Uses for Ziploc Bags


A Not-Notebook Solution: Home Management Whiteboard

If you're visually oriented, there may be resistance to the idea of a household notebook. Who wants to flip all those pages ... and what happens when you set the mail down on top of your daily schedule?

Clever blogger Jumping On The Bed has an in-your-face solution: a home management whiteboard. Using a large dry erase marker board, she juggles schedules, lists and information right on the wall. Check out her not-notebook solution for better home management!

Home Management Board

home management binder alternative