Emergency Preparedness

When disaster strikes, will your family be ready? Prepare the household for emergencies, weather and natural disasters with these resources and tips.

Emergency Preparedness Online: Create (and Print!) A Family Disaster Plan

Every family needs a family disaster plan, and that goes double during the volatile hurricane season. Solution? Try this interactive Family Preparedness Plan generator from Weather.com.

To create a plan, jump to the link below. Step-by-step, you'll add personalized information about family members, pets, meeting place and location of emergency supplies.   Read More >>


Be Prepared: 10 Day Survival Kit

Jeffrey Yago, of Backwoods Home Magazine, walks you through a list of supplies you will want to keep in your trunk in the event that you are stranded in your vehicle. All items pack up nicely in a small cooler.

Bonus? It makes a great emergency kit to grab during severe weather warnings, or in the need to evacuate.

10 Day Survival Kit