Prepare for Christmas Day by Day with!

Fall's in full swing, and the holidays will be here before you know it. Are you ready to prepare for Christmas?

Sister site Organized Christmas is pleased to introduce focus site, 101 Days to Christmas. Designed to bring you a daily dose of holiday motivation, 101 Days to Christmas offers daily messages via the Web, e-mail, and social networking.

By breaking down holiday preparations into small daily assignments, 101 Days to Christmas makes it easy to get ready for Christmas without working too hard! Use it as a stand-alone holiday motivator, or combine it with one of the dedicated holiday plans offered by Organized Christmas.

Remember, Christmas is only 81 days away! Will you be ready? Check out this new offering from our Web site network to get organized for the holiday season:

101 Days to Christmas

While you're there, get inspired to create a Christmas holiday planner with Christmas Planner! You'll find tours of creative Christmas planners from across the Web, links to free printable holiday planner forms, and directions to create your own powerhouse for Christmas organizing.