S.H.E.'s Organized!

S.H.E.'s Organized!

Created by a S.H.E. for a S.H.E., S.H.E.s Organized! is home on the Web for fans of Pam Young and Peggy Jones' Sidetracked Home Executives™ household management system.

As outlined in the book Sidetracked Home Executives™: From Pigpen to Paradise, S.H.E.s organize their homes and tackle housecleaning with a simple--but powerful--tickler file.

Using 3-by-5 index cards to plan and organize house cleaning chores, S.H.E.s bring peace, joy and order to their households.

Whether you're new to the concept or have spent years "in the box", this is the place to learn and grow. At S.H.E.s Organized!!, you can:

Come on in, and welcome ... to S.H.E.s Organized!

21 Essays to S.H.E.: Get Organized with Sidetracked Home Executives

Welcome to the 21 Essays to S.H.E.™!

In the essays that follow, we'll take a short course in how to set up and use a Sidetracked Home Executives card file for better home organization. 

Designed to be read one-a-day for 21 days, these Essays will help you put into practice the ideas, habits and principles taught in the book Sidetracked Home Executives, by Pam Young and Peggy Jones.   Read More >>

S.H.E. Book Reviews

Interested in learning more about the Sidetracked Home Executives card file system? Authors and Sidetracked Sisters Pam Young and Peggy Jones have published six books explaining how to use 3-by-5 file cards for home organization.   Read More >>

Index Card Christmas Planner: Holiday Organizing the S.H.E. Way

holiday organizerGetting organized for Christmas with a notebook-based Christmas planner sounds good, but your organizing tool of choice is an index card. Whether you're a S.H.E. or a devotee of 43 Folders, you're looking for a holiday planner in a cardfile, not a binder.

We've got the creative solution for you: ScrapHappy's holiday organizer. With a complete photographic tutorial and how-tos, it's easy to make this pretty, functional index card organizer to simplify your holidays:

Index Card Holiday Organizer


One SHE's Story: 24 Years Of SHE Inspiration

We love, love, LOVE this blogger's account of her 24-year progress through the SHE system, from cardfile to Flykid. Not only is it a wonderful account of one SHE's journey to better home organization, it also tracks nearly 20 years of SHEs on the Web!

If you're a SHE, this writer's story will inspire you (and tell her CEO loves her, too!):   Read More >>


50's Housewife's Cardfile System

Ready to see a real-world working SHE cardfile system? Check out this cardfile tour from blogger 50s Housewife. With five children, she's developed a hands-on home management system that works.

Offering a good overview of the cardfiles system, this cardfile tour is illustrated with photos of one SHE's creative cardfile:   Read More >>