Freezer Recipes

Cook once, eat for days ... with freezer cooking! Our selection of freezer recipes are tried-and-true family favorites, updated for use with once-a-month-cooking methods.

New to the idea? Find everything you need to know to feed the freezer in your organized home:

Chicken Vol-au-Vents

At heart, this recipe is just creamed chicken--but pair it with puff pastry shells, and it's an elegant light meal.

Don't tell your guests that it's a good way to use up leftover cooked chicken!

Mim's Mexican Chicken

My grandmother, Mim Miller, was a wonderful cook. Her dishes, no matter how simple, were always seasoned with love.

This recipe, also known as King Ranch Chicken, is a favorite at pot luck suppers for the zesty flavor.

Frugal home cooks like it, too, because it stretches a little chicken a long way--and it's a great dish to disguise the last bits of turkey after Thanksgiving!

Ginger Chicken (Microwave)

Turn to the microwave when you want a fast, easy--and delicious--chicken main dish with an Asian spin.

This tasty bird makes a great meal paired with steamed rice and stir-fry vegetables, and the leftovers build a zesty chicken broth if simmered in a stockpot overnight.

Any leftover meat becomes the next day's Chicken Fried Rice!

Chicken-Biscuit Casserole

My childrens' grandmother, Dorothy Swain, shared this recipe with me when I was a new bride.

It's a great way to use up cooked chicken leftovers--and is still a favorite in our house.

Freeze before topping with biscuits for a hearty freezer meal.

Tarragon Chicken

Heart-healthy and replete with roasted vegetables, Tarragon Chicken gives a flavorful twist to oven-roasted chicken breasts.