Freezer Recipes

Cook once, eat for days ... with freezer cooking! Our selection of freezer recipes are tried-and-true family favorites, updated for use with once-a-month-cooking methods.

New to the idea? Find everything you need to know to feed the freezer in your organized home:

Quiche Lorraine for Freezer Cooking

You can take the girl out of the 1970's, but you can't take the '70's out of the girl--at least where this classic dish is concerned. Loved it then, love it now.

Pork Fried Rice

Freeze pre-cubed pork in meal-sized servings to make quick work of this Asian favorite. Add extra sliced or chopped veggies to enhance taste--and clean out the refrigerator.

Barbeque Pork

One of our family's favorite "planned" leftover recipes. You may know this as pulled pork or Brunswick stew.