Fillable Cleaning Checklist

Now in Beta Test! You've asked for it, you got it: a cleaning checklist that can be filled in on the computer.

Use this computer-fillable cleaning checklist to create your own custom lists for the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Why the Beta Test?

Reason one: customer service. As a one-person blog, there's no "customer service department" back here to help diagnose computer problems.

Whether you're able to use this form successfully will depend on your unique combination of Web browser, Adobe Reader version, computer operating system and level of experience. So use this fillable form at your own risk. If it works, super! If not, fall back on our tried-and-true printable version.

One tip: if you have difficulty filling out this form in a Web browser, save it to your computer before editing. You may be more successful.

Second issue: cost. "Fillable" files are larger than the simpler print-and-handwrite forms, and that increases our bandwidth use. Depending on our funding, we may--or may not--be able to offer these in future. We'll just have to see what effect the larger file size will have on our bottom line.

That being said? Enjoy!


Printable File: