House & Holidays Plan

Clean house, cut clutter and get organized for Christmas with the House & Holidays Plan.  Working through the autumn months, we'll tackle clutter, deep-clean and organize each area of the home in time for an organized Christmas.

House & Holidays Plan

House & Holidays Plan Week 18: New Year's Week

All good times must end; with the arrival of New Year's Eve, it's time to wrap up the House and Holidays Plan and move into an organized New Year.

In the coming week, we'll tie up the season's loose ends, make New Year's resolutions, prepare to store holiday decor, and set the stage for next year's celebration.

See you next year!

December 27, 2020
House & Holidays Plan

House & Holidays Plan Week 17: Celebration Week

he height of the season is here, so draw close to family and friends in your clean and organized home. Time to celebrate with the House and Holidays Plan!

With the holiday upon us, only minimum maintenance is needed in the house.

Holiday prep centers on those few chores needed to make a smooth move between Christmas and the New Year. 

December 20, 2020
House & Holidays Plan

House & Holidays Plan Week 9: Public Space Week

Halloween is coming ... and November lies ahead! Along with the trick-or-treaters comes a new pace to the season. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, so it's time to turn our attention to the public space in our home: the living room or great room.

In holiday prep, we'll prepare for Halloween celebrations. We'll complete Christmas cards and buy holiday stamps, and start saving mailing boxes so that we can recycle them to send gifts. 

October 25, 2020
House & Holidays Plan

House & Holidays Plan Week 8: Family Space Week

Christmas is a time for family, so center the season around a clean and organized family space. This week in the House and Holidays Plan, we take aim on the family room, playroom or family area. 

In holiday prep, the family room theme continues as we decorate for Halloween, review holiday movies and music, and craft a holiday housework plan.

Mailing deadline: mail overseas gifts this week!

October 18, 2020