Household Hints and Tips

Bring order to your household with handy hints and timely tips to do everything faster and better.

Whether you need to clean house, cut clutter or get organized, these daily tips will help clean up life on the home front.

Rubber Stamps to the Rescue

Rubber stamps are perfect tools to fill out repetitive information. Use a self-inking rubber stamp for your return address, but don't stop there! Add stamps with each family member's name to help route messages, mail and lunch sacks and to the right person.

Clear A Clogged Shower Head with White Vinegar

If your shower head isn't pulsing as strongly as usual, the culprit can be mineral deposits from hard water. Dissolve obstructions overnight in a bath of white vinegar. Place 1/2 cup white vinegar in a plastic food storage bag, and pull the bag up around the shower head. Secure with a rubber band for 8-12 hours to restore shower flow to full strength.

Tech Talk: Tips From Service People

Want to get the most from household appliance? Cultivate your service techs! A friendly conversation with the plumber, HVAC guy or carpet installer is a great source for tips to keep your home's components working at their best.

Unclog An Iron With White Vinegar

Has your steam iron turned cranky, dripping and spitting? Clean deposits and clogs with white vinegar to restore steaming power. Fill iron with vinegar, and heat to the steam setting. "Steam" a thick wad of paper towels to clear steaming channels, then allow the iron to cool. Empty vinegar and rinse several times before use.