Household Hints and Tips

Bring order to your household with handy hints and timely tips to do everything faster and better.

Whether you need to clean house, cut clutter or get organized, these daily tips will help clean up life on the home front.

Control Clutter With Catch-All Containers

Keep clutter contained--and add a decorator touch--with designated catch-all containers for every room. Use pretty baskets, canvas hold-alls or small shelving units to keep shoes, toys or other clutter culprits contained. Add an "empty baskets" item to your evening routine to conquer clutter painlessly!

Frugal Organizing: Shop Garage Sales

When it's time to buy organizers, shop yard sales for the best bargains. Most garage sales offer a selection of organizing products at cut-rate prices. Perhaps the item didn't fit, came from an older house, or was an imprudent purchase. Take it home and put it to work for you ... for cheap!

Clear Refrigerator Clutter with a White Board

The front of the fridge is a natural place to get the family's attention, but once layered with notes and photos, it can be hard to spot important information. Clutter-free solution: a small magnetic whiteboard. It'll display messages and reminders without the clutter--and clearing old news is as easy as an eraser swipe!

Give The Fridge Some Air

Cramming food into the refrigerator cuts air circulation and leads to cold spots that waste energy (and freeze food!) Give refrigerator contents some breathing room to reduce energy use and food waste. In the freezer? Go the other way and pack it full for best energy consumption. Get more tips to cut energy use in the kitchen:

Chill Out! Cut Energy Use in Refrigerator and Freezer

Dust Deeply To Cut Cleaning Chores

Dusting only a room's accessible surfaces is an exercise in frustration; remaining dust will colonize clean spaces quickly. When you do dust, be thorough. Move furniture toward the center of the room to reach all walls, windows and baseboards. Vacuum behind the furniture before you replace it, then remove remaining dust in the room's center. Keep the clean!