Laundry and Clothing Care

hints and tips for laundry and clothing care

Tired of climbing Mt. Washmore to keep the family in clean clothing? Has the mending basket swelled to the size of a refrigerator?

Try these hints and tips to speed life in the laundry room.

Keep clothing clean and in good repair ... fast!

Socks Solution: The Singles Bar

Still piling unmatched socks on the dryer--where they leap to the floor to be lost forever? Instead, set up a "singles bar" for unmatched socks: a small basket devoted to wayward single socks. Mount it under a shelf or on the wall near the dryer to help socks find their soul mate again.

Natural Fabric Softener: White Vinegar

Get clothing, towels and sheets naturally soft--and save money on pricey fabric softeners--with white vinegar. Used measure for measure in place of liquid fabric softener (3/4 cup for top-loading, 1/4 for front-loading washers), vinegar cuts detergent residue and softens fabric without perfumes or chemical additives. Dump the dryer sheets!