In the Kitchen

Kitchen hints and tips

Speed life in the kitchen with household hints and tips for speed-cleaning, menu planning and efficient pantry storage. Feed the family fast and easy!

Smart Storage for Seasonal Cookware

Store infrequently-used kitchen items--such as a canning kettle, turkey platter or bread machine--outside the kitchen. Devote a single area in basement, garage or attic to outsource kitchen storage, so you'll know where to go to find needed items. Keep a working kitchen lean and organized!

Give Dairy A Chilly Reception

Dairy products are best stored very cold--but in-the-door shelves are the refrigerator's hot spots. Store dairy products in the coldest zone in the fridge, usually on the lowest shelf towards the back. To make it easy to retrieve the milk, use a rotating turntable to cycle the carton in and out of the cold zone.

Freeze the Freshness with Ice Cube Trays

Old-style ice cube trays still do kitchen duty, even if your freezer features an automatic ice cube maker. Use them to freeze extra pesto or chopped fresh herbs in stock, water or olive oil. Bag the frozen cubes to add summer-fresh flavor to meals throughout the year.

Keep The Fridge Organized With "Cook's Choice"

Before going grocery shopping, plan a "cook's choice" dinner, designed to use up leftovers. Toss the last bits of assorted vegetables and meats into a stir-fry, or chop and add to soup. French toast for dinner makes good use of stale bread and the last few eggs, while lasagne transforms scraps of meat and cheese into a hearty meal. After dinner, toss expired foods and wipe down the refrigerator. You're ready to shop!