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Speed life in the kitchen with household hints and tips for speed-cleaning, menu planning and efficient pantry storage. Feed the family fast and easy!

Save With A Seasonal Shopping List

The holidays will be here soon--and supermarkets are revving up seasonal promotions. To save on holiday meals, start a seasonal shopping list for pantry staples you'll need for family dinners and parties. When the price drops, you're ready to buy ... and save!

Set The Table From The Dishwasher

Returning clean dishes to the cupboard during after-dinner clean-up? Set the breakfast table straight from the dishwasher! You'll save steps--and make precious time during busy mornings. If you wash dishes overnight? Do it in reverse, setting the table for dinner as you put away clean dishes each morning.

Sweet Solution: Ditch the Sugar Bowl

The traditional sugar bowl is an accident waiting to happen, prone to spills, wet spoons, and misplaced lids. Spare yourself a sweet mess: store sugar in a spare salt shaker, labeled to prevent surprises. A healthy bonus: when you shake, not spoon, you'll use less!

Soften Brown Sugar? Be a Heel!

When brown sugar loses moisture, it turns hard. Solution? Tuck the heel of a loaf of bread into the same container. In a few days, moisture from the bread will migrate into the sugar, softening it again. Toss the bread and bake some cookies!

Kitchen Cleaning Secret: Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is designed for floors, but does double-duty in the kitchen, too. After vacuuming floors, use the extension wand to suck up crumbs from refrigerator bins and shelves, remove grit from the corner of drawers and cabinets, or clear fuzz from the refrigerator's condenser coils.