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Speed life in the kitchen with household hints and tips for speed-cleaning, menu planning and efficient pantry storage. Feed the family fast and easy!

Stagger Your Shopping Sales Cycle

To save on grocery bills, many shoppers visit multiple stores on shopping day, wasting time and gas money. Instead, stagger weekly shopping trips to different stores, buying canned goods at the warehouse store one week, and stocking up on meat at the supermarket the next. Simplify shopping trips, save on gas--and still tap weekly bargains!

Bring Dishwashers Back To Full Power

Dishwasher not doing the job these days? Detergent tablets may be to blame! Shreds of tablet packaging can find their way into dishwasher sprayers and block tiny holes that spray the dishes. Remove sprayer arms and clear any blockages to restore the dishwasher's cleaning power.

Make Ice With Recycled Milk Cartons

Need ice for summer events? Turn to the humble milk carton! As you empty them, drain, rinse and refill square milk cartons with clean water. Leave an inch in the top for expansion, then tuck into the freezer. Use frozen cartons whole to cool ice chests. For crushed ice, turn the cartons sideways and smack smartly against a concrete floor on all sides, then tear open the top and pour. Energy saving bonus: keeping freezers full cuts energy use.

Give The Fridge Some Air

Cramming food into the refrigerator cuts air circulation and leads to cold spots that waste energy (and freeze food!) Give refrigerator contents some breathing room to reduce energy use and food waste. In the freezer? Go the other way and pack it full for best energy consumption. Get more tips to cut energy use in the kitchen:

Chill Out! Cut Energy Use in Refrigerator and Freezer

Save at the Farmers' Market

Shopping the farmers' market? For maximum savings on fresh, locavore produce, shop the market near closing hours. Vendors are often willing to cut prices on surplus goods at day's end, so they won't have to cart it home. Make them an offer ... and cut food costs!

Trash Can Liner Trick

To make it easy to replace trash can liners, slide several unfolded bags into the can before you add a fresh bag. When time comes to take out the garbage, replacement bags are close at hand!