Get Organized

Once clutter is banished, it's time to get organized! Robust routines and supportive spaces are the keystone of an organized home.

Whether you'll find new uses for organizing products, look for creative storage solutions, or consider ways to live more efficiently, these hints and tips will help you get organized around the house.

Get Organized in Minutes: Clean On The Fly

To keep the house clean without a lot of effort, make use of "wait time" in your day. Wipe down the refrigerator doors as you wait for water to boil. Sort the magazine stack during television commercials, or straighten the coat closet when waiting for a family member. Micro-cleaning makes good use of spare minutes, and goes a long way to keeping things organized on the fly.

Shampoo Solution: Rubber Band

Sleepy in the shower, it's easy to mistake the shampoo for the conditioner, and vice versa. Tired of squinting at the bottles in the steam? Wrap a rubber band around the shampoo bottle to find it by feel, every time.

Frugal Organizing: Shop Garage Sales

When it's time to buy organizers, shop yard sales for the best bargains. Most garage sales offer a selection of organizing products at cut-rate prices. Perhaps the item didn't fit, came from an older house, or was an imprudent purchase. Take it home and put it to work for you ... for cheap!

Keep Linens in Order With a Color Code

Jumbled in linen storage areas, it can be hard to tell king-sized sheets from their full- or queen-sized cousins. Simplify matters with a simple color code. When twin beds wear print sheets, the king bed is dressed in light solids, and the teenager's futon dons bright primaries, making beds is a snap.

Rubber Stamps to the Rescue

Rubber stamps are perfect tools to fill out repetitive information. Use a self-inking rubber stamp for your return address, but don't stop there! Add stamps with each family member's name to help route messages, mail and lunch sacks and to the right person.

Simplify Errand Day With An Errand Notebook

The planner principle works for errands, too! In a small, purse-sized notebook, jot down errands as they occur to you. Tuck any needed items--coupons, gift certificates, paint chips, DVD returns--to the notebook with a binder clip. Check the notebook as you go to knock off errands in record time.