Clean House

clean house hints and tips

Make quick work of house cleaning with these squeaky-clean hints and tips!

Speed your cleaning, boost your cleaning power, and get shortcuts for using cleaning tools with these tips for a clean house.

Paint Brushes Pack Cleaning Power

Inexpensive, stiff-bristled paint brushes--in a variety of widths--are a great addition to the cleaning tote. Use them to dust the tops of books, whisk dirt from baseboards and corners, clean dust from blinds, and remove crumbs from upholstery.

Subtle Scents for Small Spaces

To freshen small areas--such as closets, bathrooms or large cabinets--tuck a dryer softener sheet into a hidden location. Placed behind a toilet tank or atop a high shelf, it's a subtle--and frugal--air freshener.

Speed Cleaning with Microfiber Magic

Microfiber cleaning cloths have specially-engineered fibers that grab dirt and pull it from surfaces in record time ... without scratching! Most surfaces in your home are microfiber-friendly, so replace cleaning rags or paper towels with a supply of washable microfiber cloths to speed cleaning and simplify your cleaning tote.

Shower House Plants With Love

To clean dusty house plants with ease, tie a plastic bag up and over the pot, securing it tightly around the base of the plant. Place the plant in the shower, and allow water to run over leaves for a few minutes. Allow to air-dry, remove the bag and admire your shining plant!