Clean House

clean house hints and tips

Make quick work of house cleaning with these squeaky-clean hints and tips!

Speed your cleaning, boost your cleaning power, and get shortcuts for using cleaning tools with these tips for a clean house.

Dust Deeply To Cut Cleaning Chores

Dusting only a room's accessible surfaces is an exercise in frustration; remaining dust will colonize clean spaces quickly. When you do dust, be thorough. Move furniture toward the center of the room to reach all walls, windows and baseboards. Vacuum behind the furniture before you replace it, then remove remaining dust in the room's center. Keep the clean!

Recycle Toothbrushes As Cleaning Tools

Dentists recommend swapping out toothbrushes with the season--well before they're worn out. Run decommissioned toothbrushes through the dishwasher, then toss them in the cleaning tote. They're ideal for reaching small spaces and scrubbing around faucet handles.

Clean Strategy: Avoid Remedial Cleaning

Over time, maintaining clean surfaces is easier than playing catch-up at long intervals. Summer school students know the truth of this: it's easier to learn material year-round, than spend your summer catching up on all the points you missed. Regular maintenance cleaning prevents grime from building up--and avoids sweaty remedial scrubbing sessions.

Stand Your Ground, Speed Your Cleaning

To make quick work of cleaning chores, stand your ground! Circle each room only once, cleaning everything in your path from top to bottom. Avoiding switchbacks and back-and-forth cleaning patterns cuts cleaning time. Use a cleaning apron to hold tools you'll need to clean all surfaces in front of you.

Tech Talk: Tips From Service People

Want to get the most from household appliance? Cultivate your service techs! A friendly conversation with the plumber, HVAC guy or carpet installer is a great source for tips to keep your home's components working at their best.

Unclog An Iron With White Vinegar

Has your steam iron turned cranky, dripping and spitting? Clean deposits and clogs with white vinegar to restore steaming power. Fill iron with vinegar, and heat to the steam setting. "Steam" a thick wad of paper towels to clear steaming channels, then allow the iron to cool. Empty vinegar and rinse several times before use.

Paint Brushes Pack Cleaning Power

Inexpensive, stiff-bristled paint brushes--in a variety of widths--are a great addition to the cleaning tote. Use them to dust the tops of books, whisk dirt from baseboards and corners, clean dust from blinds, and remove crumbs from upholstery.

Subtle Scents for Small Spaces

To freshen small areas--such as closets, bathrooms or large cabinets--tuck a dryer softener sheet into a hidden location. Placed behind a toilet tank or atop a high shelf, it's a subtle--and frugal--air freshener.