Living With Children

household hints and tips

Children in the house make a happy home--and often, a cluttered one. How do you keep order in a house where children live?

Cut through kid-related chaos and disorder with these household hints and tips for life with children. They'll keep the "happy" in your organized home.

Clean Athletic Shoes With Ease

Back-to-school brings autumn sports events ... and dirty athletic shoes! Machine-wash athletic shoes in cold water (laces in but untied), then tie the laces and line them up next to the refrigerator vent. The warm air dries shoes quickly--and a dryer sheet tucked inside each shoe will rein in any residual odor.

Calm Kid Chaos With A Color Code

Assign each family member a color to keep life organized on the home front. Use permanent markers to color-code gym socks, shampoo bottles or plastic drinking glasses. Color-coded laundry baskets, file folders and organizers make it easy to sort toys, paperwork or clothing by family member.