Household Hints and Tips

Bring order to your household with handy hints and timely tips to do everything faster and better.

Whether you need to clean house, cut clutter or get organized, these daily tips will help clean up life on the home front.

Stagger Your Shopping Sales Cycle

To save on grocery bills, many shoppers visit multiple stores on shopping day, wasting time and gas money. Instead, stagger weekly shopping trips to different stores, buying canned goods at the warehouse store one week, and stocking up on meat at the supermarket the next. Simplify shopping trips, save on gas--and still tap weekly bargains!

Shine Your Best Light

Shorter days mean darker evenings; time for a lighting check! Circle the house to replace any burned-out light bulbs. Do dark hallways need a nightlight for safety? Prepare a cozy home for Winter.

Get Organized in Minutes: Clean On The Fly

To keep the house clean without a lot of effort, make use of "wait time" in your day. Wipe down the refrigerator doors as you wait for water to boil. Sort the magazine stack during television commercials, or straighten the coat closet when waiting for a family member. Micro-cleaning makes good use of spare minutes, and goes a long way to keeping things organized on the fly.

Sunday Check-In for an Organized Family

Between jobs, children's activities and errands, it's hard to stay on top of busy family calendars. Institute a Sunday night check-in to save time and stress. Over dinner, coordinate upcoming activities with family members, and mark your calendar. No more Monday surprises!

Clutter Fix: Erase the Evidence

To keep clutter at bay, think "erase the evidence"! When you leave a room, pause for a moment and survey your surroundings. Chances are, you'll find evidence of recent activity: a drinking glass, disordered pillows, a dropped toy. Take a few seconds to "erase the evidence", tucking the glass into the dishwasher, replacing the pillows or tossing the toy in the toy basket, to cut clutter as you go.

Shampoo Solution: Rubber Band

Sleepy in the shower, it's easy to mistake the shampoo for the conditioner, and vice versa. Tired of squinting at the bottles in the steam? Wrap a rubber band around the shampoo bottle to find it by feel, every time.

Bring Dishwashers Back To Full Power

Dishwasher not doing the job these days? Detergent tablets may be to blame! Shreds of tablet packaging can find their way into dishwasher sprayers and block tiny holes that spray the dishes. Remove sprayer arms and clear any blockages to restore the dishwasher's cleaning power.