Frequently Asked Questions

Hello!  It's Cynthia Ewer, the warm body behind this site, with quick answers to frequently-asked questions.

  • Is there a newsletter or email subscription to this site?
    Nope.  As this is an archive site, we kick it old-school here:  no mailing lists, no newsletters, no social media feed.  Retired life is great!
  • Will you publish an article about my blog, product or service?
    Afraid not.  I don't publish advertorials, articles-for-links submissions, product promos ... or any other contributed content.  
  • I have a great affiliate program, and think this site would be perfect!
    What a lovely compliment ... but I don't think so.  Thank you again.
  • I will pay you RIGHT NOW for a link on your home page. $10 for a year, okay?
    You know better: Google's Webmaster agreement forbids paid links. Get outta here.

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