Bathrooms - Cleaning Grand Plan

Go through the medicine chest. Do you really store medicine in here? It is not a good idea to store your medications here as the steam and heat of the showers can affect them. Consider finding a new place. While you rearrange them, throw away the horrible tasting stuff that you do not use and the expired items.

Check your first aid supplies. Do you have enough Peroxide, band-aids, gauze pads, antibacterial ointment? Find a printable first-aid checklist here.

Just look at those towels! Are they torn? In need of replacement? You needed some new rags anyway! Put it on your list to replace. Reorganize the ones you have.

Clean off handles, knobs, light switches. Does anything need replacing?

How about the bathroom mat or carpet? Does it need some spot remover while you go on? Does it need to be replaced?

Clean from high to low. Take down the curtains or blinds and clean them. Vacuum the screens in the windows. Clean the windowsill and wash any knickknacks

Clean the entire bowl. Spray with a good disinfectant. How is your bowl brush? Does it need replacing? A sponge brush works better than a bristle brush here.

Polish all the metal fixtures make them gleam. Get around the bowl and clean spots you have not seen in a while! Open the window while you spray a good mold remover if you need to. Scour sinks and bathtubs, and showers.

Do you need a new soap dish? A decorative hand soap dispenser

Get under the sink. Look at those three bottles of hair spray. Do you need and use all that stuff under there?

Consider purchasing some under the cabinet organizers to give you more storage space and allow you to get things easier. Wipe out the bottom of the cabinet.

Don't stop there. Time to get the drawers now too. Throw away what you have not used.

Does the shower curtain need replacing? Is it really moldy?

Wash out the wastebasket and let it sanitize.

The bathroom scale hasn't been scrubbed in a while. Do it now! Get the baseboards and wipe them down, spray the tile with a good tile cleaner while you are doing the baseboard then wipe the tile down after it had a chance to sit.

Take note and replace, repair all items that need attention.