Holiday Decor - Cleaning Grand Plan

As I recall, we had only to find and sort those holiday decorations. This covered ALL holidays. and all things pertinent to those holidays,too. (like the red/white/blue centerpiece for the 4th, the Thanksgiving candles and wreaths, and centerpieces, etc.) I believe the idea was to group these all together in ONE box if possible to be added to the storage area (WHO HAS THE ROOM?).

This is to free up space in the house and kitchen cabinets by removing these non-essential but occasionally needed holiday items. The "storage" reminder at the end of this week's title was to give some people more time on that very difficult area in our homes. After the previous weeks of the grandplan, the storage areas are FULL of stuff that must NOW BE FACED !!! Are we going to hang onto our "junk" or clear the clutter??? Only you know yourself. so what'll it be??

You might as well check on all the other decorations while you are in the process or storing the Christmas decorations. Mark those boxes well and make a list of what you want to replace. You might still be able to find those after Christmas bargains for those types of things.