History of the Cleaning Grand Plan

Way back before the emergence of the World Wide Web, a few wanna-be organized friends met and bonded on the Prodigy online service. Writing to one another under the Prodigy message board heading, "Homelife-Get O", the Get O Group coalesced early in 1991.

Get O, short for Get Organized, was one of the first and most intense online support groups for home organization. Old-timers like Goldie and Ellen in MN, ML in Midlife and Gail Drinkard, Pink Kitty and toGail built a friendship network to encourage one another as they got organized at home.

Katie Leckey was one of the more prolific and creative members of the group. She authored the Grand Plan: a 13-week whole-house cleaning plan. Other members of the group added ruffles and flourishes, but Katie was the author, spirit and inspiration behind the original Grand Plan.

With the rise of the World Wide Web in 1994, Get O members began to scatter. Some, like CEO, have gone on to help others learn the organizing skills she honed with the original Get O group. Other Get-O participants have moved on to new jobs, new lives, new challenges.

The original Grand Plan and Holiday Grand Plan became available on the Web, but the history behind these works was lost. Some Web sites published the plans without acknowledging their author, or suggested authorship elsewhere.

Time for a clarification! To that end, a public and hearty "Thanks, Katie!" to Grand Plan author Katie Leckey. Thousands of Grand Planners the world over have enjoyed your hard work as they clean and organize life at home.

--Cynthia Ewer, Get O Member "CEO"