Entryway / Foyer - Cleaning Grand Plan

Use the basic remove/clean/replace policy for those items which are wall-hung.

Consider how the area looks when a visitor enters your home. Again if it doesn't belong there, remove it!

If you have a chair or rack that welcomes clutter, consider moving it until everyone breaks the habit of just dropping everything off in the foyer.

The next time you enter the front door after being away a few hours, look around and sniff around just like you were in a strange house. Our homes can develop "houseatosis". There are a great many air freshener products and potpourri assortments on the market today, use one if you need it!!

Don't forget to clean out the umbrella stand, if you have one. If you don't, do you need one?

Do you have a rug or maybe carpeting in this area? Do a thorough job of vacuuming it. you'll be pleased.

Do you have a window in your front door, or "side lights" which could use bit of glass cleaner?

Don't forget to thoroughly dust/wash front door itself, and also the baseboards in the area.

Plan a place for everything which needs to be kept near the front door and keep it there! Everything else goes!

Now, do you need to go back and spend time on last week's project? If not, could you choose another declutter project that would enhance the beauty of your home?

Choose something close to the entry or living room to help give that feeling of flow between organized rooms.

Like smiles and yawns, organization is contagious!

Entryway Checklist
Entryway Checklist (Fillable)