Attic / Storage - Cleaning Grand Plan

The attic works the same every other room does, except it's probably got mostly stored boxed and old clothes.

Remember what our motto has been?

If you haven't worn it in the last year, and you can't figure when you'll wear it in the next year, get rid of it!

(Donate it somewhere, or throw it out if it's not in good shape.) This can really make a big dent in the storage facilities

And don't get caught with "well, Johnny can wear this when he's 14." Let's be honest, how many kids really want to wear hand-me-downs that are way out of style?

We must swallow our pride (if my daughter doesn't want to wear my wedding gown when she's old enough, I guess I won't get upset!) and get rid of what truly we won't use, and will have no value later on.

(But not that wedding gown! I can't part with that!)

Everyone will have treasures that you can't part with, and that is fine, but set a limit.

As for those boxes, bring a few downstairs and work on them in front of the TV, or at the bottom of the stairs.

The old "can't go to bed cause I can't get past these boxes yet" works nicely here.

Or do it while the kids are at school if you are able.

Once again. ask yourself if you will really use the item again.

If the answer is no, and the item has no sentimental value worth passing to the next generation (and collecting dust!) then donate it to somewhere that might really appreciate it.