Today's Challenge: Get Frugal, Get Organized

get organized and save money

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 98

Here's a little challenge, now that it's yard sale season: try to find a yard sale without a stock of organizing products for sale.

Too often, we start a get-organized effort where we should finish it: at the store. Buying organizing products before we've done the heavy lifting of setting up activity centers, sorting and purging our stuff, and deciding where to pare down leads to that paradoxical result: organizer clutter.

That's why we're ending the Cleaning Challenge with our best tips for frugal organizing. Now that your home has been brought to a new state of order, a wise selection of specialty organizers can reap big benefits.

But remember! Declutter first, organize second, and buy last ... to get organized, frugally.

Frugal Order: A Tightwad's Guide to Getting Organized