Cleaning Challenge: Minimum Maintenance

minimum maintenance for an organized home

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 96

In yesterday's Cleaning Challenge, we took a look at household routines: those things we do daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally to keep the household clean and organized.

As with so many things in life, your mileage may vary! Household needs and composition mean that every home has a different set of routines. A two-career couple with an empty nest will have far different routines than, say, a family with pre-school children.

But there's one routine every household needs, no matter how casual: a minimum maintenance list.

"Minimum maintenance" is a set of rock-bottom tasks that must be done, no matter the conditions in the household. It's the list you rely on to keep things flowing during busy times, such as the holiday season, the birth of a new baby, or during a family "stay-cation".

Get inspired to create your own minimum maintenance list with these tips:

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