Cleaning Challenge: Spruce Up Household Routines

routines for a clean house

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 94

Reaching the end of the Cleaning Challenge, it's natural to want to keep all the cleanliness and order ... all the time.

How to achieve this goal? In a word: routines.

Routines for morning, evening and weekly cleaning keep up with the mess so that it doesn't slide backward into chaos. What's the state of your household routines?

Today, stop and consider where your family can put the power of routines to work. Simple steps--like a five-minute "neatening" session before bedtime--take big strides to keeping clutter at bay. Regular cleaning routines mean that small messes don't have a chance to grow. Seasonal routines schedule big jobs so they're completed in good time before a change of weather.

Try these printable routines checklists to get your household on track to stay clean and organized, year-round: