Cleaning Challenge: Celebrate Your Success

no such thing as behind

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 93

Get-organized plans, like the Cleaning Challenge, can be great motivators, but for many folks, they create a problem: the idea of being "behind".

It's common to jump into the Challenge with red-hot energies, only to find yourself flagging when "real life" intervenes. Yet the plan rolls on without you, leaving you deflated. That feeling of being "behind" can sap your enthusiasm and blind you to the very real progress you've made.

Today, take off those "I'm behind" blinders! Think back to the post-Christmas chaos, and look at the ways you've moved forward toward your goal.

Will your progress be perfect? Of course not ... but it will still be progress. Celebrate each success, because large or small, it's a step on the path to a clean and organized home.

Good job!