Cleaning Challenge: Check Your Curb Appeal

clean front porch

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 86

The front porch: it's where house meets world--and where visitors get their first impressions.

What does your front porch say about your home? Realtors call this factor "curb appeal": that flash of first impression of any home.

Today in the Cleaning Challenge, it's time to step outside your door, and check your curb appeal.

From the sidewalk, appraise your front porch as if you had never seen it before. Is it crammed and cluttered, or clean and serene?

Do you decorate? If so, are decor items bright and seasonal--or have they had their day ... and then some?

Take a good look at the front door itself. Is it drab and dusty? Check windows, door knobs and doorbell for shine ... or smudges.

Your observations will guide you, as you make a to-do list for Front Porch week. The goal: a fresh, pretty entrance to your organized home.