Cleaning Challenge: Front Porch Week

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 85

It's the place where your home makes a first impression: the front porch.

Whether you have a small apartment landing or wrap-around farmhouse porch, this is the week to declutter, clean and organize the entry area to your home.

It's a last "cherry on the cake" assignment at the Cleaning Grand Plan: putting the finishing touch on the hard work of the last 12 weeks creating a lovely entrance area.

Ready? It's Front Porch Week in the Cleaning Grand Plan!

Today's Assignment:
Front Porch Week

Since January, we've been hard at work in the Cleaning Grand Plan, moving from room to room to declutter, clean and organize. During this next-to-last week, we'll crown our efforts by cleaning and organizing the front porch.

What's the state of your front porch? This week, we're routing out winter's grime, cleaning and shining the front door, and considering ways to bring a pretty, decorative touch to the porch area.

Whether it's a fresh new doormat, potted plants or seasonal decorations, this is the week to let the front porch shine. Ready?

Cleaning Grand Plan - Front Porch