Cleaning Challenge: Declutter Summer Toys

declutter summer toys

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 81

Summer toys, like the summer season, are ephemeral: they're not made to last forever.

When spring arrives, it's easy to spot the weary survivors of the previous year. Deflated beach balls and leaking air mattresses. Faded pool noodles pocked with crumbling craters. Stopper-less squirt guns and dried-out bubble solution. A solitary swim fin, mourning for its lost mate.

Time for a swift declutter session!

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, take stock of last summer's beach and backyard toys. Escort the trashed or tired items to recycling or donation stations, and make a quick list of needed replacements for the Easter Bunny's guidance.

You'll be ready for the first bright and breezy beach day of summer.