Cleaning Challenge: Brainstorm Garage Storage Ideas

garage storage ideas

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 80

While kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms usually include built-in storage options, your average garage is just a big white box.

Where will you stow your stuff?

There's no "one size fits all" solution to garage storage, but the good news? Clever storage solutions abound!

Today, review your list of garage centers, then hit a big box store (or the organizer's darling, Pinterest!) to brainstorm storage ideas for your organized garage.

Solutions don't need to be pricey, they simply need to work. An avid handyman may favor rolling drawer units to stow tools; a family of more timid fixer-upper types may stick to a basic pegboard display.

Specialty organizers abound. Stack bicycles in limited space with a floor-to-ceiling bike rack. Use rolling wire shelving units to corral storage boxes of holiday decor; wheels mean you can roll them up to the nearest door when it's time to deck the halls. His-and-hers golf bags find a natural home with a dedicated golf organizer. No more escaping golf balls!

Solutions are all around you, so take time today to dream big ... for an organized garage space.