Cleaning Challenge: Garage / Storage Week

clear garage clutter

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 78

Warmer weather's coming! It's time to take to the road.

Will your garage be ready for summer travel, sports and outdoor fun?

Time to bring new order to garage storage areas with a seasonal declutter, deep-cleaning and organizing session.

Ready? We're sorting garage storage this week in the Cleaning Grand Plan!

Today's Assignment:Garage Week

The garage wears a lot of hats, when it comes to an average household.

It's home to automobiles, boats and bicycles ... and all the accessories that go with them.

The household handyman may carve out a space for tools, repairs and home improvements.

Open garage areas invite filling, so in comes overflow of all kinds. Spare appliances. Building materials. Seasonal decorations and household items.

Recycling piles up in corners, while spare rolls of paper towels jockey for space with cases of soft drinks.

Add the garage's function as day-to-day family portal, and you've got a recipe for organizational chaos.

This week, we'll bring a new level of organization to the hard-working garage. Digging in, we'll cull the clutter and remove the recycling candidates to collection bins.

A good Spring clean-out will take care of spider webs, cold-weather grime and dust.

Finally, establishing activity centers helps us bring the garage to a new state of clean, organized functionality in time for warm weather.

Ready? It's Garage Storage Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Grand Plan - Garage Storage

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