Cleaning Challenge: Donation Station

donation station

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 76

Routing out storage this week and next, we're bound to find items to donate to charity ... but will they make it to the organization's drop box?

Enter the donation station!

A dedicated area in your home for items to be donated, the donation station gives in-transit items a place to await the trip to the donation center. Just like a recycling center, the donation station rounds up donations and keeps them from making a dash back into your home when you aren't looking.

As you declutter, tuck items for donation into a cardboard box located in a garage, closet or (surprise!) the trunk of a car.

For stubborn clutterers, consider a set of black garbage bags. Once filled and tied, garbage bags make it harder to take a second look--and second-guess your decluttering decisions.

When the area is full, drive these donatables to their new home ... and cut the clutter!