Cleaning Challenge: Jump On The Closet-Go-Round

organize closets and storage

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 75

As we haul out attic and garage storage in the Cleaning Challenge, we'll soon realize that many items we encounter belong in other storage locations.

How to handle these transients? A Closet-Go-Round!

The idea is simple: deposit an open, empty storage box near each alternate storage venue in the house. Lidded records boxes work well, as they can be filled and stacked neatly during the process. Make the storage shuffle easier by labeling each area with a sticky note for on-the-fly reminders of what will be stored in this location.

Once the attic is organized, tackle one closet or storage area. Organize the newly-moved items, and take any out-of-place items to the storage box near their ultimate destination.

For example, place a box next to a bed to serve as a temporary holding station for out-of-season clothes that will be stored in under-bed bins. As you organize the attic, deliver clothing to this box at the end of each decluttering session.

Having a simple framework in place as you shift storage areas keeps stored items from becoming clutter, and prevents burn-out. Moving area by area, you'll conquer household storage, without creating organizational chaos!

Ready? Time to fine-tune household storage with a Closet-Go-Round!