Cleaning Challenge: Identify Storage Locations

tips for household storage

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 73

Planning storage in your organized home? Choice locations for stored objects are everywhere ... if you'll only look.

Today in the Cleaning Challenge, it's time to circle the house and identify potential storage areas.

Think outside the box, so to speak, to find unexpected homes for stored items. Look high: kitchen soffit areas are a good match for seldom-used small appliances. Stoop low: kneehole spaces in a desk can house burnable CD-ROM disks, software or printer cartridges.

Creative thinking counts! An awkward closet shelf, placed high above the doorway opening, can be home to extra bedding, so long as the pillows and blankets are compressed by a vacuum-sealed storage bag. Boost under-bed space with inexpensive bed risers. Tap hidden corners in kitchen cabinets to stow turkey roasters or seasonal serving ware.

Storage is all around you! Today, take time to find extra space for efficient household storage.