Cleaning Challenge: Craft a Storage Plan

household storage plan

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 72

Household storage spaces are too often "out of site, out of mind" ... until we need to find those tax records from 2016, and fast. Help!

Because they're not in daily view, storage spaces can become overwhelmed with clutter. A tower of electronics packaging teeters atop overstuffed bins of holiday decorations. File boxes are buried under limp piles of last summer's blow-up beach toys, swim goggles and sand chairs. Crammed and cluttered, finding stored items becomes a fruitless, frustrating task.

How to manage household storage to make the most of your limited space? A household storage plan!

By assessing storage areas and planning how to use them, you'll maximize available storage--and always know where to find the items you need, as you need them.

Better, the process is as simple as A-B-C: making a match between storable items and the spaces your home provides to keep them.

Today in the Cleaning Challenge, learn how to create a simple plan to organize household storage:

Store It! Create A Household Storage Plan